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  • Paul Wakelam

Walking as Artistic Practice

new book acquisition courtesy of BCU Library

It was very good of the School of Art library to order in this new book for me.

I have been aware of Mueller's work for some time. probably since I first started exploring walking as an artistic practice, finding her online schedules of walking prompts created as part of a workshop.

Mueller is Director of Programs at Arts Midwest. She is the author of Elements and Principles of 4D Art and Design and Remixing and Drawing: Sources, Influences, Styles.

Walking as Artistic Practice Walking as Artistic Practice lays out foundational information about the history of walking and its development as an artistic practice, making it accessible to readers of all backgrounds. It also provides guidance on how to analyze and discuss walking artworks, with vocabulary support, over three hundred examples, and over seventy-five exercises. The chapters offer a variety of topical approaches, allowing readers and instructors to craft an experience most suited to their interests and needs. Themes include observational and sensory experience, leading versus following, who walks where (identity and positionality), rituals, place, activism, connections to drawing, and embodiment. Appendices include information on documentation, sample syllabi, readings and resources, brainstorming tips, community engagement guidance, and tips for travel-based study. I

Looking forward to getting stuck in.

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