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  • Paul Wakelam

Spineless Wonders

Although i had been following Tim Brennan's ‘The Drawing Ceremony’ for a while we had never met but had begun a dialogue over social media as I had been sharing the walks, stones and booklets that i had been making. It was on the back of this that Tim invited to co-present with him a the Spineless Wonders online conference ' In Touch'.

Based in the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL; Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study; The Department of Art & Performance, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University and department of English, Dundee University, Spineless Wonders is an international network of artists, writers, academics and librarians, creating and researching small press publications including artists books.

The 'In Touch' symposium looked at small press and artists’ publications through the theme of touch. Artists, makers, academics and librarians presented on the book as a tactile object, asking how artists’ publications themselves invite and explore the sense of touch.

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