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  • Paul Wakelam

stone dialogue

I have been walking to find stones to draw for sometime now. Each time is a different experience - the walk even repeated is different, the weather is different, my state of mind is different.

As i repeated walks, searching for stones, or being present to the idea that a stone would reveal itself to me, i began to get a sense of a dialogue with the stones - words came to me, words that resonated with the place i was in.

This felt like my connection with the landscape was enhanced somehow.

This maybe down to approaching the walk with 'intent', being expectant.

Allowing time and space for searching, not rushing, not simply selecting the first stone that is found.

Consideration is giving to the location, the ground, how the stone is set in or on the land.

There maybe something about a group or collection of stones, the juxtaposition of various entities.

the stone might be very noticeable orit might be in an unusual setting.

this all feels part of a dialogue.

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