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As the crow flies

Updated: May 12

In my last post I described meeting with artist/writer Emily Wilkinson and joining her and a merry band of several other artists and writers, on a guided walk to Castell Dinas Bran, near Llangollen.

This was all part of Emily's research with as part of her PhD and also a prevention that she was giving at the 'Therapeutic Landscapes conference where her talk was titled 'Kinship & Crows'.

Following the walk it was the intention that we could respond to the walk and the environment that was encountered.

The name Castell Dinas Bran translates as the castle of the city of crows and had had the phrase 'as the crow flies' gnawing away in head for some time and so used this as a sort of 'prompt' for my response to the walk.

Using historic maps of the area I worked over these in different ways, always with the idea of where would the crows of Castell Dinas Bran fly to.

Imagining the sense that the skies of Dinas Bran might be filled with corvids; that they should be ever present, protecting, overseeing.

The folklore surrounding Castell Dinas Bran goes back hundreds of years but could there be a contemporary folklore?

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