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  • Paul Wakelam

Tom Jeffreys - 'Walking'

As the act of walking is often the genesis for much of my work, I was keen to obtain a copy of this newly published text.

Documents of Contemporary Art is a series of books published by Whitechapel Gallery where each volume focuses on a specific subject or body of writing that has been a key influence in contemporary art.

The summary for this publication is as follows, ‘Across the world, walking is a vital way to assert one’s presence in public space and discourse. Walking maps the terrain of contemporary walking practices, foregrounding work by Black artists, Indigenous artists and artists of colour, working-class artists, LGBTQI+ artists, disabled artists and neurodiverse artists, as well as many more who are frequently denied the right to take their places in public space, not only in the street or the countryside but also in art discourse. This anthology contends that, as a relational practice, walking inevitably touches upon questions of access, public space, land ownership and use. Walking is therefore always a political act.’

Looking forward to getting stuck in.

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