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  • Paul Wakelam

paper 'stone' wraps

Part of the process that i am following is that it is not about collecting the stones, more about connecting with them and recording information that they may wish to share. The stones always get returned to their starting point;they are simply borrowed.

In an attempt to capture something else of their nature i found that wrapping them gave me a kind of imprint; the paper wrapped around them revealed some of the texture as well as the their form. I purposely used newsprint as it is thinand lightweight and responded well to be being folded and wrapped around each stone but also retained its structure once the stone was removed.

I have been able to enhance the stone texture by applying graphite which naturally picks up the creases and indents in the paper.

I find this interesting as the marks seem to communicate the idea of a trace, a history or memory of the stone having been there but now returned.

There is also a sense that something made of lightweight, transient material, such as paper can begin to represent tthe form of something much more solid such as a stone.

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