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  • Paul Wakelam

Meditation Objects

Through following ‘The Drawing Ceremony’ this has introduced the idea that an object can be used as a focus in meditation, a meditation object.

As Zachary Phillips [] explains ‘The traditional object of mindfulness is the breath. It is used because it is always available and is constantly changing. The breath provides an anchor on which we can focus our minds; when we notice our attention shifting, we simply and gently return it back to the sensations of the breath at the nose.’

Unfortunately, some people struggle with breathwork so the use of an object in meditation allows the mind to focus on one thing – in this case it is an object in front of our eyes or an image of it.  

There is a joy to be found in the found object; nature is most generous to us in providing wondrous elements.

If we take time, slow down and look and notice we will see that there is beauty all around us.

The smallest item, a blade of grass, a piece of tree bark, a seed heed, lichen, a feather – all of these are miraculous and could function as a meditation object.

It is also possible to transform objects through various processes.

For example, taking some fine twigs from a felled silver birch tree and binding these together and then charring transforms the twig into another object This new object is reminiscent of a wreath or a dreamcatcher maybe?

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