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  • Paul Wakelam

black & white stone book

Updated: Jun 18

to date all the booklets that i had made as part of 'a small ritual', the meditative drawing process that i am following based on Tim Brennan's 'A Drawing Ceremony' have been black line work on white paper.

For a change i decided to revers this to be white drawings on black paper.

I also reversed the binding so that the paper, Canford 150gsm, was bound with white waxed thread. The drawings wer emade using a Uniball Signo white pigment liner. This has a thicker nib thatn i ususally use so as a consequence the lines feel a little heavy and was therefore more diffiuclt to achieve subtle detailing.

However, the overall feel of this black and white booklet is pleasingly striking; anothe riteration for the project.

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