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Updated: Jan 25

You have to start somewhere, right?


I’m now beginning the final stage of my MA in Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art where I’ve been studying part time since starting in September 2022.


Coming off the back of work created around a fallen oak tree, making my own charcoal so where materiality and process were more important than the outcome, it’s now time to see where this might go or how it might be developed.


At this stage I have no preconceptions of what I will be making. This is something I have had to learn to embrace as part of my process as at the start of the course I was trying to predefine an outcome leading to some fairly mundane work.


This will no doubt involve new areas of research, investigation of artists that I have not previously encountered an exploration of new processes and playing with materiality.


I have never kept a diary before and neither have I experimented with journaling; my writing has generally been limited to writing up critical appraisals of my work so apologies for this clunky start – I hope things will improve as I proceed!


It is my intention that this blog will be a place for me to record my investigations and to be a reflective, critical, contextual journal.


Hopefully, I will highlight what I am working on personally as well as being able to share the work of those who inspire me.


As I stated earlier, I am a novice a this and am therefore happy to receive feedback and constructive criticism.


See you next time, hopefully reporting on something more engaging than this waffly preamble.

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