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  • Paul Wakelam

a small ritual - screen print

This piece of work emerged from the repetitive drawings that I was making by drawing one face of a stone, erasing it then moving onto another face and so on.

I was intrigued by the marks that were made and left as a trace following the erasure process as well as wanting to find a way of reproducing a drawing, if required.

 Some form of printmaking seemed like a good idea for this and so decided to revisit screen-printing.

Having had some successful results from using ‘mark-resist’ previously I decided to give this another go.

Using mark resist allowed me to create a range of marks and textures that would transfer onto a screen and subsequently onto paper. 

As the ‘repetition’ drawings had been made using charcoal, one of my most favoured materials for mark making, I wanted to continue with this approach.

A difficulty here is that mark resist, being a polyester film, and despite having a slight texture, is fairly smooth and charcoal, particularly powder which I use, has a tendency to slide about.

Therefore, in order to create a better ‘key’ for the charcoal, I lightly sanded the surface before drawing.

I then followed the same process as previous works by drawing a face of a stone, erasing it and repeating for four faces.

This process coupled with the enhanced texture created by the sanding has produced some really interesting marks and tone.

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