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  • Paul Wakelam

'52 WEEKS' - General Office Gallery

General Office in Stourbridge, West Midlands, always seem to manage to put on fantastic little exhibitions.

'52 Weeks', which ran from 14th -28th April was no exception.

Ten artists, 52 cards, 520 artworks.

The ten artists connected during lockdown oin 2021 and over a calender year each began to produce one piece of artwork every week in response to nature.

There being 52 cards in a pack of cards, with four suits, mirroring th enumber of weeks in a year and the four seasons, so all the work produced was the size of a playing card.

Combining a range of media, techniques and processe from anaolgue photography, collage and painting to woodcuts and mixed media.

The ten artists were:

Sue Brisco

Julie Edwards

John Edwards

Julia Foster

David Humphreys

Robert McGuinness

Jane O'Reilly

Lindsay Pritchard

Rosemary Terry

Clare Wasserman

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